5 Tips for Staying Safe Using Backpack Sprayers

Here are our top tips for staying safe when spraying pesticides. These tips come from our ChemUse course.

  1. Don’t wear leather boots

Wear rubber or PVC. Leather boots absorb chemicals – these chemicals kill plants, so you don’t want them soaking into your skin! Your feet easily absorb chemicals and over time your exposure could be very high.

2. Don’t let your back soak up leaks

Check regularly for leaks. Any leaks will quickly saturate your clothes with poison and soak into your skin.

3. Don’t scratch your head!

When you are wearing gloves for mixing/spraying pesticides, they come into contact with chemical pesticide.

Scratch your head, and your scalp is in contact with the poisonous pesticide.

4. Don’t spray on breezy days!

Spray drift will occur, and chemicals may be blown onto your skin, face or be inhaled into your lungs.

Pesticides are nasty stuff – you don’t want them in your lungs!

5. Don’t blow out pipes and tubes with your mouth

Got the message? You don’t want these chemicals in your mouth!